My first book, Poe for Your Problems: Uncommon Advice from History's Least Likely Self-Help Guru, is forthcoming from Hachette on September 7th, 2021.


“Books about people’s successes are common. Books where you can learn from someone’s painful demons and failures are rarer—but far more meaningful. Cat's writing on Poe is insightful, funny and important.”―Ryan Holiday, author of THE OBSTACLE IS THE WAY

“Fresh, page-turning, deeply informed and often funny, Catherine Baab-Muguira’s Poe for Your Problems brings us a sorely overdue Poe-meets-modernity perspective that won’t simply make its readers happier but smarter and even saner, too.”―Alan Pell Crawford, author of HOW NOT TO GET RICH: THE FINANCIAL MISADVENTURES OF MARK TWAIN

“I loved this! A book Poe himself might’ve written: fun, dangerous, a little dark, semi-autobiographical, ambitious but not pompous, and funny and outrageous!”―Steve Hely, producer of THE OFFICE, 30 ROCK, and VEEP, author of HOW I BECAME A FAMOUS NOVELIST


“Beautifully written, funny, clever and wise, Poe for Your Problems shines brightly despite its dark subject matter.”—John Reeves, author of A FIRE IN THE WILDERNESS: THE FIRST BATTLE BETWEEN ULYSSES S. GRANT AND ROBERT E. LEE

“This is more like an anti-self-help book, a guide to accepting yourself for the substance-abusing, sexually suspect fuckup you already are; a how-to for cultivating grudges, nurturing petty jealousies and vendettas, scheming the destruction of your enemies and indulging delusions of grandeur. I endorse this.”―Tim Kreider, author of I WROTE THIS BOOK BECAUSE I LOVE YOU and WE LEARN NOTHING

You can preorder it on Amazon now by clicking here.