Some personal news: I SOLD MY BOOK*

February 19, 2020


What! Yes! I sold my book a few months back, now the news has been reported in Publishers Marketplace. Poe for Your Problems: Surprisingly Great Advice on Love, Money, Art, Sex and Career from Edgar Allan Poe, the World's Most Fucked-Up Writer will be published by Running Press, a division of Hachette, in September of 2021.


I am beyond pleased, just thrilled and blown away, and very much looking forward to delivering an only-slightly-facetious self-help book based on the life and works of the original edgelord Edgar Allan Poe... The world's first such book, and the book I've been on fire to write for 3-ish years now.


As I write, I'll be putting out a newsletter about the process, and most importantly, about how Poe can change your life, too. If that sounds interesting, you can sign up here. I'd love to have you along on this - ugh but the word is hard to avoid - journey.


*Actually my agent Andrea Somberg sold the book. Cheers, Andrea.


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